Our Vision

To ensure that everyone, no matter where they are in the world is included in formal finance and commerce

Who We Are

We are a Ugandan registered FinTech company in the ePayments and eCommerce space.

We have developed a platform that enables African businesses to transact with their customers on any mobile device and get paid/ pay from anywhere in the world using digital payment instruments like mobile money, mobile banking, bank cards and even bitcoin straight into their local bank accounts.

Why we exist

We see the world as divided into 2 economies. The first one is old economy that operates in brick + mortar locations with transactions done using cash. The second is the new economy that operates online/mobile and transactions are cashless. The new economy is more efficient than the old economy for everyone in the ecosystem. For consumers it more convinient as transactions can happen from anywhere at anytime. For businesses it costs less as they dont need to incur the overheads of brick and mortar locations and can reach a global customer base. For government, it enables them to track economic transactions which they can use to collect tax revenue and plan.

In Africa today, 99/100 businesses still operate in the old economy.

This has to change or African businesses and economies will continue to be uncompetitive and irrelevant.

We exist to bring Africa into the new, more efficient global digital economy.

Our products

  1. Xente for Consumers - An online and mobile market place that enables people from anywhere in the world to transact with their favourite African businesses
  2. Xente for Business - A platform that enables African businesses to reach a global customer base and get paid/pay from their local bank accounts
  3. IP2 for Developers - Open API's that enable developers to monetise their applications by (1) processing payments from mobile money and bank cards (2) reselling merchant products


Since we started operations in 2014, we have won several awards including (i) SWIFT Bankers Conference (Cape Town - 2015) - Voted most promising company to the future of the financial industry in Africa (ii) Mobile Money Conference (Joharnesburg - 2015) - Voted best new company and product (iii) Barclays Rise (Cape Town - 2016) - 1 of 10 companies to participate in the Barclays Accelerator Program (iv) Uganda Communication Commission ACIA Awards (Kampala - 2017) - Winner in the Business Excellence Awards